KnightsENERGY are leaders in designing and in implementation of renewable energy solution in the region. Specifically to Faith based, NGO and even commercial organizations. We also design individual systems for home owners.

We are committed to ensuring KnightsENERGY provides alternative solutions of the highest standards and effectively also address the cost factor. We have invested considerable resources and brainpower to achieve this goals as we dispel over-reliance on expensive and unreliable mainstream energy sources. We strive to achieve PV use in day to day domestic power generation for the first time.

The company is owned by Knights and Apps Ltd which has been a successful business partner in ICT with many organization in designing, installation and maintaining of Information and Communication Technology and disaster recovery solutions. In a bid to add value to Knights and Apps Ltd range of products, the Managing Director Mr Francis Romano Investigated methods of incorporating a complete Energy in-dependency to an organization’s investment. This led to the establishment of the sister company KnightsENERGY.

Knights and Apps Ltd is one of the Kenya’s most versatile locally owned ICT and Renewable Energy Solutions firms with a wide coverage of Kenya and the East Africa Region. The firm serves its long-term Objective of being a one-stop-solution provider for all your Home, office and Industrial solutions.

Mission Statement

We are committed proponents of the use of renewable energy (Solar Energy) as an alternative to conventional grid power.

What we do

Provide Solar Solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

To enable individuals and organizations to be part of creating a sustainable world by providing sustainable energy options that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with ensuring Environmental Sustainability.
As Knights Energy we seek to inspire, create awareness and assist our clients in achieving their goals of cost stability, energy independence, and environmental stewardship.

Why we are the BEST

Generating Solar Power requires two things; Flawless management and sophisticated technology, Knights Energy offers you both using the latest and the best components tailored to the unique need of each project and location. From there we monitor the system and provide customer with 24/7 real time information.


Why Renewable Energy?
Renewable energy can make a major contribution to the twin challenges of responding to a growing global demand for energy services, while reducing the negative impacts associated with current production and use.

These energy options reduce greenhouse gas emissions and particulates and frees up fossil fuel for other key sectors, thus improving energy security. Investments in renewable energy are making a growing contribution towards mitigating climate change, but to stay below a 2°C increase in average global temperature, these developments need to be significantly enhanced. By maximizing these potentials, Kenya can contribute significantly to reduce global GHGs as well as its unhealthy reliance on imported fossil fuels.


Our Low Carbon Transport Initiative

Our climate is worsening very fast day by day. Rising level of air pollution is one of its main causes. Transport accounts for around a quarter of energy-related emissions with road transport being responsible for almost 80%. Our current transport sector has to break away from energy- and carbon-intensive development paths that have resulted in;

  1. Higher energy costs
  2. Higher Carbon emissions,
  3.  Air pollution, Poor public health and a range of other negative impacts.


Solution: Electric Vehicles
Not only are we committed to helping our customers make environmentally responsible buying decisions, our own environmental stewardship is demonstrated by our company use of an

Electric Vehicle.
Our Energy options can make a major contribution to the twin challenges of responding to a growing global demand for energy services, while reducing the negative impacts associated with current production and use. We believe this is entirely consistent with the sustainable development of our economy, society and environment. It will mean that we can all enjoy a better quality of life, without compromising the quality of life of future generations.

Climate change can’t be controlled with sermons but with ACTION!