Business Delegation Trip to Germany on Energy Supply with PV Hybrid and Storage Solutions, March 2017

Recently, i had the chance of being part of the business delegation to Germany. The delegation consisted of a group of selected representatives from Kenyan and Tanzanian solar engineering service providers, industries with the interest in alternative renewable energy supply, mini grid operators and other companies looking for less expensive alternatives to their diesel back-up systems.

The trip offered us a great opportunity to get in contact with relevant suppliers and to participate in discussions on state-of-the art PV Hybrid & Storage System Solutions.

Now, we all know that Germany is a world leader in innovation. The energy and environmental technology industry in this country has been influenced by the political goal of ensuring that by 2050, 80 percent of the electricity produced in the German market will be generated from renewable energy.

Our site visits opened us up to see sophisticated energy storage solutions that can be adopted in our country. Yes, some of us are already there as our website indicates but there’s always room to do better. The first site visit was at a storage installation M5BAT at the University of Aachen

M5BAT is a hybrid of different battery technologies that optimally combines storage capacities for periods of seconds, minutes or hours, whereby the storage system is designed for a total storage capacity of around 5 megawatt hours (MWh). What’s special about M5BAT is its modular design, which combines different battery technologies in an optimum fashion.

This highly efficient and modular system offers a wide range of applications irrespective of location and therefore facilitates the integration of renewable energies.

In this initial phase, the M5BAT project is focusing on two particular aspects:

·         Testing the distributed provision of control reserve for stable grid operation

·         Electricity trading and the associated exploitation of electricity price arbitrage

See you on my next blog post. Stay Tuned!


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