Missionary Benedictine Sisters, Karen

The rising electricity costs, fuel costs arising from generator backup, frequent outages, and maintenance costs were some of the major challenges the institution faced.

Knights Energy proposed several measures to reduce the energy consumption rates and came up with a lean combined (total) energy footprint that was powered by the proposed Photovoltaic.

The 100 kWp solar array and 514kWh (10,700AH) battery bank with the SMA Multicluster System with Sunny Island runs the entire center during the day and night.

Project Details

Location: Missionary Benedictine Sisters, Nairobi Priory

Commissioning: 2016

Specific requirements: High battery storage capacity

Plant information

Installed PV Power: 100 kWp

Annual energy yield: 156,798 kWh

Estimated Reduction in CO2: About 127 Tons

SMA System Technology

9 Sunny Island  8.0H-11

4 Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30

1 Multicluster Box 12.3-20

Uzima Dispensary, Nairobi County

On Grid Battery Backup Solution

8 kw 24 hours battery backup with generator support

System specifications;

Battery Inverter: Victron Quattro 10000KVA

Bank: 1100 AH of 24pcs Trojan 1100AH 2V Maintenance Solar batteries

System warranty: 5 years

PV Warranty: 25 years Minimum Batteries Discharge: 50%


Nkubu Mission Hospital, Sub County Hospital Tier 2

Grid Connected 10 KW PV system

System Specifications

System Size: 11kWp PV

Modules type: Upsolar 230Wp 48 Modules

Energy Capacity: Maximum 66 kWhrs /day

PV Inverters: 2 x Sunny Boy 4000TL (Total parallel Max Output of 8kW

Battery Inverters: 2 x Sunny Island 5048 (Single phase Max

Power output: 10kW

Battery Bank: 1,454 AH of 48pcs Sonnenschein 2V Sealed

Solar batteries

System warranty: 5 years

PV Warranty: 25 years Minimum Batteries