Medical Missionaries of Mary

System Details; Chromagen

Tank Capacity; 300Litres

Accessories: Electrical Control System



Kilgoris Water Pumping

Description; Water Pumping System

PV Array: 18 Modules

Liters per Day; 10,000 Liters

Type of Pump: Lorentz


Kilgoris 2

St. Camillus Karungu mission Hospital, Tier 1- Migori County


Fully Off Grid 50KW PV System for the Whole Hospital with Generator Backup

This project aims at improving the provision of Health Services by being energy dependent. The area experiences frequent blackouts hence paralyzing the operations of the hospital.

15kw Water Pumping Solution

To improve their access to water, the Hospital installed a 15kw water pumping system.

Access to water has not only improved the hygiene of the hospital but also improved the comfort of the patients being handled there.