Worried about your electricity bills?

Looking for ways to Save Energy costs?

Looking to invest in an Energy System for your own Consumption?

Look no further than Knights Energy!

There is a simple, reliable and low cost solution for decentralized energy supply: PV-powered off grid systems. They can be used to build stable, decentralized power distribution grids in remote locations not connected to the public power grid/want to be energy independent.

As Knights Energy we are focused on providing intelligent energy management systems that optimize power generation and consumption in an easy and automated way thus increasing the rate of self-consumption considerably. This is the most optimal and profitable way to use solar power.

We provide professional Solar Solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Want to Solarize your Home/Business look no further than Knights Energy!

off grid solar

Our Eco Smart Home System ensures that the solar power you produce is used in the best possible way and – as an
option – stored. You can cover an especially large portion of your energy needs and gain greater independence, for example from rising energy costs.

Besides offering great financial benefits improved energy efficiency and greater independence from rising electricity rates, a Smart Home also provides home owners with a completely transparent energy budget. This transparency also facilitates the more conscientious use of energy and helps to reduce total energy consumption.

Why an Eco Smart Home System?

  1.  You become more independent from rising electricity prices
  2.  You produce your own environmentally friendly and inexpensive solar power
  3. You have an overview of your household power consumption at all times and can see where you can save
  4.  You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or a reliable energy supply
  5. You benefit from automatic control features that take into account your individual needs
  6. You use a future-proof technology that is ready for varied electricity tariffs and the impending smart grid.

This system uses intelligent planning and control including storage systems for optimal load distribution. It also visualizes the entire energy budget allowing owner-operators to have a detailed overview of their installation


Our Solar Water Pumping System/Waterbox is specially designed for water supply and irrigation especially in remote areas where no reliable electricity supply is available.  It is a complete “Plug & Play” solution for the simplest installation of a solar borehole pumping system: the smart solution to enable any user to create a solar water pumping system anywhere this may be required.

How it works

The System can extract water from a bore hole, lake and river. It is based on a photovoltaic solar system for the extraction of water. The sun creates the energy needed for the pump to function. The system extracts water from underground wells and bring it to the surface.

Why is it easy?

All the parts are already pre-assembled and the WATERBOX contains all detailed, illustrated instructions to guide the installer through the process with easy.

High quality components!

The pump: the heart

The pump is a multisource submersible, all in one pump. The pumping unit includes the centrifugal pump, the motor and the inverter. Each component of the pumping unit has been developed for ease of use and absolute minimum maintenance requirements:

  1. Only stainless steel AISI 304 for maximum durability
  2. Water rotor motor conceived with respect for the environment
  3. Built in inverter for a maintenance free system even in situations of temperature fluctuations
  4. Only one cable for both DC and AC power supply
  5. High water flow performance ratio

Photovoltaic modules: the engine

  1. Designed specifically for pumps. We developed and made solar modules with the right output voltage and current to work in perfect harmony with our multisource pumps.
  2. Strong alloy profiles for high mechanical resistance and 4 mm tempered, shock resistant glass.
  3. Dimensions and weight designed for easy transport in any van or pickup

Tree mounting system: the idea

A patented free-standing design to mount the PV modules with just a hammer. No need for any machinery, special tools or any special ballast against high winds. We just observed nature! And fixed our structure in the same way a tree fixes itself: with the roots. The mounting systems can withstand wind speeds of up to 160 km/h and it can be fully assembled by one person in less than 2 hours.

Forget the tools!

Inside the WATERBOX you will find all the tools and accessories necessary to assemble the system:

  1. DC cables
  2. IP65 switch with supplementary input for existing AC generators (if any) with double outlet

iii.        Clean, contaminants free cable certified for drinking water uses

  1. Waterproofing connection kit
  2. Fast DC and AC connectors
  3. Polyester cable to lower the pump into the well
  4.  Tool kit with hammer, keys, screwdrivers

How to choose the WATERBOX

For a correct choice of the Waterbox you should check the prevalence and the amount of water needed to extract


Reducing costs and increasing stability of water access are just two of the many benefits this system has.



Want to feel secure at little cost? Go Solar! We install solar systems to power electric fences.

Electric fences are used to deter intruder or contains farm animals. A pulsed electric current is sent along the fence wire, about one pulse per second, from an energizer which is grounded. When the animal touches the fence it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground and receives a short, sharp but safe shock. These systems have varied applications in Agriculture, Industrial and Forestry or Plantation sectors. With increasing crime in urban areas, this proven technology has now been adapted for domestic security applications, too.


  1. It is easily constructed and maintained.
  2. It is long lasting and can be easily modified
  3. It is not dependent on regular electricity supply




Our current transport sector has to break away from energy- and carbon-intensive development paths that have resulted in;

  1. Higher energy costs
  2. Higher Carbon emissions,

iii. Air pollution, Poor public health and a range of other negative impacts.

Changing transport infrastructure can be expensive, we all want better transport and lower costs that come from better efficiency. At Knights Energy we offer a solution that can help achieve Sustainable Low Carbon Transport/Green Transport; Electric Cars.

e-NV200 Van

The e-NV200 Concept combines the advanced powertrain of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF with the roominess and practicality of the NV200 Compact Cargo van. This electric vehicle is designed to move stuff—lots of it—while achieving a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions. In fact, no tailpipe means zero emissions. How’s that for efficient?

It even handles city driving like a pro, reclaiming braking energy normally wasted in start and stop traffic, and recycling it back into the power supply to increase efficiency.

With two rows of seats, and an expansive cargo area, the e-NV200 can provide businesses or families with functional, and highly versatile space. Got more stuff to move than people? The back seats fold down, for even more loading capacity.

Knights Energy installs Solar-Car Charging Stations which not only provide shelter for your vehicle but also provide green electricity to those vehicles that can use it. This is because the roofing is formed from solar photovoltaic panels.




One of the easiest ways that you can incorporate the principles of green living into your everyday life is by installing a Solar Hot Water Heater at your home. Hot water accounts for a big percentage of the energy consumption in the typical home. These heaters are a very effective method of using natural energy to save you money on your energy bills. There are hundreds of designs available to fit any budget.

Solar thermal systems use sunlight to heat water — for domestic use, swimming pools and more. A typical direct solar thermal system consists of collector, pipes and an insulated tank.

A typical 100 LPD (litre per day) system is sufficient to provide approximately 100 litres of hot water at an average temperature of 65°C every day on all sunny days. This helps save approximately 4 units of electricity daily (equivalent energy consumed by an electrical geyser) offering cost benefits.

In today’s world, green technology is gaining popularity among buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. In general, making environmentally friendly improvements to your home is an easy way to increase the overall value and appeal of your property.

These systems can help increase the value of your home while bringing down the cost of your utilities.


  1. Maintenance free
  2. Long service life
  3. Built in safety features
  4. Easy to install