Our current transport sector has to break away from energy- and carbon-intensive development paths that have resulted in;

  1. Higher energy costs
  2. Higher Carbon emissions,

iii. Air pollution, Poor public health and a range of other negative impacts.

Changing transport infrastructure can be expensive, we all want better transport and lower costs that come from better efficiency. At Knights Energy we offer a solution that can help achieve Sustainable Low Carbon Transport/Green Transport; Electric Cars.

e-NV200 Van

The e-NV200 Concept combines the advanced powertrain of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF with the roominess and practicality of the NV200 Compact Cargo van. This electric vehicle is designed to move stuff—lots of it—while achieving a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions. In fact, no tailpipe means zero emissions. How’s that for efficient?

It even handles city driving like a pro, reclaiming braking energy normally wasted in start and stop traffic, and recycling it back into the power supply to increase efficiency.

With two rows of seats, and an expansive cargo area, the e-NV200 can provide businesses or families with functional, and highly versatile space. Got more stuff to move than people? The back seats fold down, for even more loading capacity.

Knights Energy installs Solar-Car Charging Stations which not only provide shelter for your vehicle but also provide green electricity to those vehicles that can use it. This is because the roofing is formed from solar photovoltaic panels.